She’s Korean. She’s Jewish. She’s a comic, politician, wife, mother–slave. She’s that wacky Oriental Beauty. Born in the heart of Texas to traditional Korean parents…who knew she would end up being a Jewish Catskills’ comedian? Her father, the famous Korean Presbyterian Minister and mother, the Oriental Tammy Faye Baker, are hoping she’s adopted…it would explain a lot. Driven nuts by her family, Esther found that performing in comedy clubs was a lot cheaper than psychotherapy.

Esther made her debut at Caroline’s Comedy Club, and has since played all of the major clubs in America from New York City to California. She has opened for numerous well-known celebrities and won a number of comedy awards and contests around the nation. The Oriental Jewess has been the host for the PBS special, Asian America, multiple times and has been in numerous commercials, documentaries, made for T.V. movies and yes, she’s even a cartoon on the Food Network! She has also enjoyed success with her one-woman off-Broadway play, Out of the Wheelchair and Into the Fire, which she wrote. Esther’s greatest thrill is her membership in the famed Friars’ Club, working for people who don’t call her “mommy”.

In her spare time, Esther teaches Hebrew classes, works with the Demarest Town Council,  takes golf lessons and buys shoes on sale at Bloomingdale’s.